Overview of the Hospital

  • There are 50 beds in the hospital with Emergency Medical Services and Intensive Care facilities and Post-Operative care.
  • The hospital, one of the biggest super specialty charitable hospitals at palitana, has top of the line facilities in all departments.
  • It sees the importance of treating the ill with compassion.
  • A virtual tour of the hospital, as is what follows in the next couple of pages, gives the reader an idea about the future and indicates the seriousness of the hospital in wanting to put them on top of this world.


Infrastructure for OPD - Outdoor Patient Department

Three numbers of OPD rooms ensure that the patients get all the possible services, treatment and consultation under one roof without the need to be admitted.

Intensive Care Unit

This is a place where every second, every breath and every action counts. In such an area, there are no second chances, for man or for machine. The hospital has well equipped ICU with a strength of five ICU Beds. Centrally Air Conditioned ICU has all the facilities of Advanced Life Support, and hase bedside and centralized monitoring system. Besides, the ICU is equipped with high end monitors like V24C Monitors, Multiparameter C3 Monitor (ECG/Resp., SpO2,NBP and Temp.), CMS for C3 monitors and the Defibrillator/Monitor (Heartstart XL), ABG Portable Machine (supplied by Philips Medical) and Syringe Pump (Perfusor    Compact supplied by Braun). 

Operation Theatre Complex

The Hospital has two Operation Theatres (OTs) to cater to surgeries in various disciplines like General Surgery, Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement, Oncosurgery, Neurosurgery, etc. All the measures taken in the Operation Theatres ensure a 100% perfect sterile environment leading to a very strict infection control. Each OT has state-of-the-art electronically controlled operating tables provided by Medifa, cold and shadowless lights with an in-built camera by Dr. Mach, anaesthesia pendants from Dragger and Micro and HEPA filters with laminar airflow. OT is centrally air-conditioned and has a centralized gas supply of Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen and compressed air. The OT Complex has a post-operative recovery ward, which is located adjacent to the operation theatres and equipped with monitors, defibrillators, etc. The Multimobile Mobile C-Arm with 9'' IITV is provided by Siemens, the surgical operating microscopes by Carl Zeiss, the Anaesthesia machines by Datex   Ohmeda, etc.

X-ray and Radiology

Radiology department is equipped to take x-rays in different  positions for almost all the organs of the body including chest, spine, skull, abdomen, hand, leg, foot, arm, joints etc. Procedures such as intravenous urography, hysterosalphingography (HSG), barium enema, etc. are done in the department on 800 Mas fluorovision and the images taken in spot films can also be viewed on IITV. This minimizes patient exposure to radiation while still maintaining a high level of accuracy. The Mobile 2.5 machine does a great task in taking portable x-rays in emergency departments such as casualty, ICCU and the wards as well. Thus, this offers a bedside x-ray facility to the patients. The C-Arm installed in the operation theatre permits the surgeons to view x-rays during the intra-operative period, which proves extremely helpful in cases in orthopaedics, urology and others as well. A lot of the equipment in this department is provided by world leaders, Siemens.

Sonography and Colour Doppler

The Siemens Sonoline G-50 with 4 probes makes the ultrasound easy and accurate due to its high resolution. The machine has a Colour Doppler mode along with a cardiac package that makes echocardiography possible. This department has a special radiology museum to retrieve important clinical cases for teaching and research purposes.


The hospital has invested in a top of the line CT-SCAN machine to meet all kinds of diagnostic challenges. Computed tomography scan (also known as a CAT scan) is a computerized x-ray procedure. A CT scan produces cross-sectional images of the body. The images are far more detailed than x-ray films, and can reveal disease or abnormalities in tissue and bone. The procedure is usually noninvasive and brief.

Laboratory Services

The Hospital laboratory services include Central Patient Sample Collection Area, Haematology and Clinical Pathology, Cytopathology and Histopathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. Each service area has world class equipment, that include totally automated blood cell counters, automated coagulometers, biochemistry analysers, fluorescent microscopes, ELISA readers, arterial blood gas analysers, etc. The biochemistry laboratory is fitted with a fully automated biochemistry analyser, an electrolyte analyzer, a blood gas analyzer all supplied by Ranbaxy. The Haematology laboratory has a 5-part blood cell counter, a coagulometer, a binocular microscope and an automatic urine analyzer among other equipment. It has a state-of-the-art Olympus Trinocular Research Microscope with phase contrast attachment, polarizing attachment with a Sony CCD Camera and frame grabber card.


The HIS is the most trusted, and user-friendly providing total solutions through various modules.


The Hospital has state of the art Dialysis Unit for end stage Kidney patients.


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